Kad je Toti bio princ Rima

Kad je Toti bio princ Rima, Romul i Rem su sisali vucicu.

Kad je Toti bio princ Rima, Monika Beluci je imala male grudi.

Kad je Toti bio princ Rima, Franceska Picinini bila losa picka.


Kad je Toti bio princ Rima tad je druid Panoramiks skupljao imelu za carobi napitak.

Kad je Toti bio princ Rima, Sale Djordjevic je Kaji grejao klupu.


Kad je Toti bio princ Rima tad je Urke harao po Milanu.


Sea Dance Festival 2015 – Camper Experience


Sea dance: 12.07.2015.

Coming to the Jaz beach, moving to the first camp entrance.

Instead of WELCOME, the guards told me  – You can’t pass there, go around. Ok, with heavy bags walk over the FK Mogren football court, and over the fence. First i saw a mass of people and piles of luggage, then i find out they will open the main entrance in 12:00, it was 11 😦

There was no piece of shade or bench to rest, wait and wait, it burns.. It’s 12:00, and the good news – I still have to wait, for half an hour, the technical problems.

Some guys lose there hope, leave bags and went to throw themselves into the sea (to cool, not suicides). Finally after a few cigars and bathing in your own sweat, everybody on the counter, Ok, get back filling out the form, photocopy of passport, a voucher and then again at the same counter, pay the tax, give papers, finally getting a bracelet (for the camp), later finding out that they should have give me back voucher, but C’mon, then two smiling guys who dag out bags, didn’t find anything that interests them (glass bottles supposedly).


Entering the camp. In front of me appeared a burned area, with a mixture of the Kalahari desert and Gobi. The camp divided on the platform to be filled in the order, just a logical to them. As one of the first came i gett “awarded” with the best part of the camp, the sunniest part. Once again thank you for the privilege u bastards.
As fast as i can i mounted a tent, and ran in to water…

The first two days of mounted showers and toilets in the camp was ok, still fresh, as the mass increases, all getting worse, at the end of the horror, hell, at the shower lines of people like in front of iPhone store. Toe-Toe toliets gett so dirty and covered with piss and shit. Drinking water is really shameful who knows how many people get stomach problems.

toi toi

The festival begins, I’m coming for the festival bracelet figuring that I will get it as soon as i show a camping bracelet,but. NO! I had to bring a voucher first (which they did not returned me at start). Back to the entrance of the camp (700m far).
Apology, but they can’t find. Gave me an access to wi-fi which is otherwise strictly prohibited, probably illegal in Montenegro as it seems. I sent it in the mail to them…eventually give me a lap top.

Somehow I did it, get a bracelet, pleased that in such a mess something success.

The festival itself was awsome, great lineup and atmosphere, but everything else BULLSHIT.
Beer very suspicious, complain to the human gut, selling cans 0.2 I think (the smallest beer cans i saw).

Mostly partying until morning, then fast to catch a little sleep in a tent. At 08:00, 8:10 sun wakes u up and hellish heat, dehydrated and breathless you realize that you’re in your own asshole and you running half-blind for the nearest water. Some moves with the bag in the patch of shade in the camp next to the fence or under some sort of summer house for sitting in spare time.

The only consolation is that about a thousand young men and women is in the same shit.


Every day rearrangement the path to beach and parts around the camp, guiding, restriction of movement, similar to today’s picture of asylum seekers at the borders of our states. It happens that in the morning you come to the beach one way, and then you have to go back another, one kilometer longer.


One girl got sick in the camp, ask for help, a first aid post, send to each other, they lie, refusing to leave the place.

They say – Go bring her here…


If you decide to take this adventure at the Camp Sea Dance Festival, you must be ready for a true survival and submitting all kind of torchering.